Oh Yogini...

Kindle the inner fire as love that fills the heart of the yogini. - Lalleswhari

Heart of the Yogini

Soma Prana Flow - 

Weekly Sacred Mondays

$64 a Month  |  $20 a Session

$40 for Soulful Wellness Members 


Oh Yoginis, let us gather for a exploration of Shakti Prana Flow 
Moonday women’s circle - 
honoring , dedicated deepening one’s realization of inner union invoked in India as Siva-Sakti. 

All mondays became ritual junctures for practitioners as any meditation, reflection practice offered on Moonday or Somavar creates a living reset for the week.

Our intention is to provide a living yogini circle that honors the roots and evolution of shakti sadhana to provide special ritual practices for householders to deepen embodiment 

With your guide Shiva Rea & Global Pulse Collective

The Heart of the Yogini is an open circle of women gathering to:

 * tend the fire of our life-force and spiritual journey as women 

* to embody our  connection to the Goddess within, and 

* to deepen with both lineage and creative practices of Shakti Sadhana

 * to create a safe space to listen in soulful circles and pods to receive support during these soulful times 

* to awaken our understanding of the Great Mother Goddess traditions and historical yoginis.

* to receive a grounding in the roots of Shakti Sadhana from Atma Puja and Mantra Sadhana, connected Mata Amritanada Mayi Ma, Ammachi,  

* experience evolutionary pathway of Shakti Prana Flow offered by Shiva as a devotional pathway for women on the mystic path of direct relationship; pan-cultural spiritual awakening of the living current know as the Great Mother throughout time and space. 

* we cultivate a circle of friends on the path - the soul mitra - where respect, authenticity, inner guidance,  inclusive, body positive healing practice for women of all backgrounds, moon cycle to wisdom time can thrive as we live and grow together in these soulful times.   

* direct connect with Shiva and the sharing as a yogini empowering women through Samudra Global School of Living Yoga for past 18 years and sharing the power of pranams, namaskaram, vinyasa movement meditation, sahaja awakening with prana flow and living yoga with women around the world. 

* open as a monthly journey


  • $64.00 / month

    Offering for 8 hours of TT,

  • $64.00

    $40 for soulful wellness membe


'Our Tantra tradition is based on experiencing 

sahaja as the pure spontaneity of

movement and attuning of yoga with the breath, 

which leads to the natural kindling 

of the internal fire.  

The greatest of sages witness the kindling 

of their own internal fire that never requires any fuel to light.'

--Matanga Tantra XXI.9.

(C. Tompkins, Translation)